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Jay Scalez, Kvonmusic collab on modern 80s masterpiece "Poison"

Midnight on Black Friday is usually the start of frantic chaos at stores, malls, and shops across the globe. This year, instead of frenzy at stores, there were various online sales and what some are calling "Cyber Friday." In the midst of the Black Friday promotions, there was also new music released. Amongst the new songs, we found a new release called "Poison" by Jay Scalez & Kvonmusic.

Smokey rooms, purple lights, keytars, and synth is the only way we can describe the euphoria of listening to Poison, the modern 80s pop single. After being inside our homes practically all of 2020, this is the kind of song the world needs to hear. With touches of Prince, Madonna, & Michael Jackson and a new era feel of artists like TheWeeknd and PartyNextDoor, musically, this record has everything we want and need.

Stream "Poison" Below:

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